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Published 8 years ago by drunkenninja with 4 Comments

Kid asks for money, gets 100 individually wrapped 1 dollar bills!

Not sure if it was a stunt to get kids to not ask for money, but if I was that kid, next time I would make sure I asked for 1 x 100 dollar bill!


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Conversation 4 comments by 3 users
  • Splitfish

    I hope those are little envelopes, for the parents sake

    • zombie

      I highly doubt it, if it was envelopers the designs on each one would match. All of these look different every time.

      • Splitfish

        I guess if they cut all them to size at once it would be less time consuming. That's still a lot of work for a photo tho ;)

      • drunkenninja

        Someone did this for the points!

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