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Published 8 years ago by cuntoprofundity with 9 Comments

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  • Splitfish

    These graphics are insane. I need to get this game and soon, just waiting for the price to go down. And yes I know its on sale on Steam but it's still $50. I guess you can call me a patient (and cheap) gamer :)

    • drunkenninja

      I have this game for PS4 and its pretty sick, I play when I have the time. Currently level 13, still so much to go.

  • orchidsystem

    Lol. That's hilarious. I wonder if anyone's tried a fists-only playthrough.

    • ObiWanShinobi

      That would be so difficult to fight monsters! Too bad you can't apply monster oils to gauntlets...

  • erichie

    My only problem with the Witcher is the complete lack of endgame content. I have completed all quests and contracts, but I still want more. You end up making little games like these to play with yourself.

    • orchidsystem

      I'm sure there will be endless amounts of DLC eventually to destroy your wallet.

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