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Published 3 years ago by ckshenn with 6 Comments

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  • leweb

    Well, if car insurers can raise your premiums for having an accident, why can't they raise them for getting sick? Makes sense! After all, it's your fault for not staying healthy.

    • Gozzin (edited 3 years ago)

      Yeah,gotta find a way to screw the user.

      In essence, an insurer could take someone’s money for years while that individual is healthy. Then, on the day that that person is diagnosed with cancer, jack up their premiums so high that they are no longer affordable. Healthy people would have insurance until the moment they need it, at which point their premiums could become prohibitively expensive.

      Health “insurance” under Graham-Cassidy, in other words, would no longer provide any real insurance whatsoever.

      • leweb

        Given that system, it would be more reasonable to invest your monthly health insurance payments and hope you don't get sick before they grow large enough to cover your healthcare. Which of course brings more money to the big corps and the government.

        And, of course, if you don't have money to invest, tough shit. Poor people don't deserve to live according to our brand of capitalism.

        • Gozzin

          Yep,great way to get rid of a goodly number of the 99%.

          • leweb

            Hey, it will increase equality! If you kill the poor, then everyone left is richer.

            • AdelleChattre

              Other methods of reducing inequality: Eat the rich; Tax the church; Prosecute white-collar crime.

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