• AdelleChattre

    Oh, nothing's a problem until it's a problem, then it's a problem. Day comes you have to do basic arithmetic, look hard at what you've got to show for however long you've got in, and reckon with how what you're going to get is pretty much whatever you've got already.

    You can't win for losing. All of Clinton's McCarthyist flying monkeys couldn't, can't, and won't change the fact if the election were held now, to-stinking-day! she wouldn't even win the popular vote. Look ahead two years, even if she gets the war with Russia this is all really about, what sucker's going to think the Democratic Party is on their side against the richest and most powerful?

    The ones all agog at this balsa wood, sorry ass witch hunt that passes for 'resistance' in the Trump Era? Pleaseā€¦ Now pull the other one.

    Republicans in sheep's clothes like the Clintons are how you end up with presidents like Trumpelstilskin. The "drip, drip, drip" you hear is what's left of the New Deal bleeding out on the floor, while Diet Republicans thrill at the thought of putting a Christian Dominionist like Pence in the White House via impeachment.

    This isn't why we're doomed, ultimately it's just one aspect, but the salient part seems to be that yes, absent any progressive opposition to this American Caligula and his orgiastic reign, we're all doomed.