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Published 6 years ago by ckshenn with 9 Comments

Grandpa Shocked From Fake Grenade

Don't do this to your grandpa!


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  • Splitfish

    I REALLY hope this wasn't on father's day haha.

  • 66bnats

    His reaction is priceless although I worry about his health after that stunt.

  • dynamite

    Wat a dick move.. Gramps was all relaxing in his undies and having a smoke too

  • yuriburi

    Those flailing hands were epic

  • drunkenninja

    Obviously this was staged! But funny nonetheless.

  • blitzen

    Give an older, slightly overweight, man a big scare. What could go wrong?

    • Nelson

      Who may also suffer from PTSD.

  • Sephsta

    Did he slam the chair against the door to emulate the explosion? I don't think it'd make that little of a bang!

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