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Published 7 years ago by carpenoctem with 8 Comments

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  • oystein

    Looks like he lost control of his gas pedal.

    • wrmnthewoodwork

      Even so, to have the wheel cranked that severely is a little much.

      On a related note, I love seeing footage of non- North American cars. Just so different and fun-looking - here it's a sea of black, grey, and beige (sorry, "champagne") colored clones. Even our reds and blues are subdued. I know there is only the yellow one in this vid, but watching others it seems Euro cars have more character.

    • HauntedCryme

      I'd say his foot slipped off the clutch while the gas was down a bit. Definitely not just gas.

  • Pockets69

    Well that escalated quickly xD

    Wasn't expecting that lol

  • Qukatt

    living in west Lothian currently and this is by no means an unusual display of driver skills round here.

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