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    3 years ago
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    Start using Responsive Design

    Stop designing pages with fixed widths. Everybody is veering away from that because there are so many devices with so many different screen widths, including various resolutions of PC monitors, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Voat is especially bad about it. Reddit seems to have the right for page widths, but then they force a "mobile site" using browser detection. No web site should be designing a separate mobile site nowadays, or designing web sites for separate browsers. These are old ideas.

    Just try resizing the width of your browser window. Snapzu seems to have a maximum width of 1440px, which makes little sense (my monitor supports 1900px). At 1240px, it's already dropping the right-side bar, which might be a good idea for smaller widths, but seems like it's dropped rather early. At 975px, the design already falls apart, as the CSS no longer knows what to do with the main thread list. At this point, you've lost the tablet and mobile audience.

    Responsive design isn't hard. It might be somewhat time-consuming, but it's not hard. Here's some good web site examples. By implementing it here, you make it better for all device users and make it much more likely that people use this site as a primary communication hub.

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