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  • AdelleChattre (edited 1 year ago)

    Again, what alternative is there?

    Don't panic. You may be confusing Facebook with the internet, society around you and objective reality itself. Remember to breathe.

    If you want to keep in touch with friends

    Do you have friends that know better than to use Fakebook? If not, maybe examine where that sampling bias comes from.

    if you’re starting a business

    Now FaceCrook is a chokepoint on the path to success in business? That's not reducing grave concerns about the outfit already in play.

    if you want to find local events and communities

    Be real. The last time you really felt alive, was it while you were checking Faceborg?

    if you’re a content creator trying to take off

    By the same token that by using bath salts, as your peers will tell you, you'll seem older, cooler, and fit in better.

    if you’re planning a big event that involves a lot of people

    Would've thought the people would be a bigger preliminary for this than ZuckBook. Maybe this is underneath some of this confuision.

    if you’re trying to find a lost person or pet, what is there besides Facebook?

    Calling for them? Pounding the pavement? Flyers, posters? NextDoor? FidoAlert? PetHarbor? HomeAgain? Local veterinarians, animal shelters and humane societies? ZabaSearch?

    Deleting your account is such a shortsighted solution to a long term problem.

    Objection. Assumes willingly-joined account not in evidence.

    You have no more Facebook; now what?

    I seem to be able to get through an average day without CompuServe or MySpace, so I'd imagine it'd be something like that.

    You haven’t retaken your independence, you’ve just cut yourself off from how the world works.

    I know you're acting as an ambassador for Modernity, but to my mind this notion strikes me as servile. If I've got the moral clarity not to be a party to wrongdoing, that's not me stepping outside spacetime to take a breather. If I don't take a loan from a loanshark, is that me teleporting to the Phantom Zone?

    Your friends will not update you on everything they’ve done even if you keep in touch.

    Wait, do we still get old and die, too?

    You will not be invited to gatherings.

    Not via Facebook, because I radically object to Facebook as a terrible idea, and I will neither support it nor become dependent on it as have others. There're still parties. Good parties.

    Customers will not care enough to visit your website nor will they contact you.

    This is supplication before a master or a king, not enthusiasm on your part.

    Yes, you will feel more free and your data will probably be safer, but again, that will only apply to you, so what use is it?

    TIL freedom and safety are measured by what use they are on FaceSpook.

    Deleting your account solves nothing, it only tells the world “I’m burying my head in the sand until the problem is over.”

    This from someone that thinks Facebook deletes jack shit.

    My suggestion is that you get off FaceTook, a little at first, then as you have your successes a bit more, and more. If you're going to argue it's all that indispensable, you owe it to yourself to dispense with it some just to see if it might be possible. You might be cheating yourself.

  • 3rdWheel (edited 1 year ago)
    @AdelleChattre -

    You wrote all that to give me one alternative to Facebook. I get it, you hate the website, but it just works for the majority of the world. My job literally requires me to be on Facebook, so if by “cheating myself”you mean “part of the responsibilities that earns me a paycheck,” then I guess I have to continue to cheat myself.

    But that’s my entire point that I believe you’re intentionally ignoring. If you want to be a part of social media, you have to be a part of Facebook. And that sucks that there no other platform to combat it, because there’s a dire need for a social media platform that isn’t as problematic.

    These posts no longer accurately reflect my views toward Facebook.

  • AdelleChattre
    @3rdWheel -

    You wrote all that to give me one alternative to Facebook.

    No, I pointed out Facebook is not the air you breathe. If you want Diet Cherry Vanilla Facebook, take that up with Facebook.

    I get it, you hate the website

    No, I don't think you're getting it. Facebook is wrong. That's not me with reservations about UI choices.

    My job literally requires me to be on Facebook

    We all do things we're not proud of from time to time.

    If you want to be a part of social media, you have to be a part of Facebook.

    Yes, the same way if you want to go on breathing you must huff only Beelzebub™-brand sulphur and brimstone.

  • 3rdWheel (edited 1 year ago)
    @AdelleChattre -

    You’re killing this conversation because you’re just posting snarky responses now. I guess you won’t see my viewpoint, so this is where we go our separate ways. Sorry I’m just a single minded sheep.

    These posts no longer accurately reflect my views toward Facebook.

    • AdelleChattre
      @3rdWheel -

      Oh, thank goddesses! It's so hard to carry on a conversation when someone has something on their teeth. Good luck with all that!