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  • Muffintop

    "people who are good at politics and bullshit are the ones who are most successful"

    Spot on! I'm still surprised to what extent this is happening. The science doesn't even have to be good. As long as you can use white lies and half truths, and play politics you'll get ahead. And once you're a "success" even if you do make a mess and do get caught, you'll just make a deal, transfer to another uni and carry on like nothing's happened.

    Having said that, there are many great scientists doing valuable research within this broken system. But, as you pointed out, many do decide to leave and that's a great loss.

    • leweb

      There are indeed people doing great science, but they're doing it in spite of the system, not thanks to it. Imagine what they would be able to accomplish if they didn't have to deal with all the bullshit.