• AdelleChattre
    @Appaloosa -

    The very nice gentleman has his talking point, and he's very pleased with himself about it. It just so happens that for this particular article, it's bogus.

    Even in the statement from the Islamic group, they describe Trump having provoked only a wave of bigotry. For his claim to be true, for the piece to say Trump provoked this fiend, the stabber would have to be part of that wave of bigotry. His claim's bananas.

    It doesn't so much matter to the gentleman that what he says is true. He does seem far more concerned that he get some name calling in before anyone notices how full of it he is. Some folks are only in it for the snickering and sneering.

  • jcscher
    @AdelleChattre -

    I noticed!

      @jcscher -

      Kinda like sittin around the ole sewin circle,,,,,,,,,,,,eh gals?