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Published 4 years ago with 6 Comments

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  • spaceghoti

    Do you have enough slots available to add this to /t/secular as well?

    • redalastor

      I don't quite get the distinction between the two tribes.

      • spaceghoti (edited 4 years ago)

        Although atheism also includes secular topics, secularism isn't an exclusively atheist topic. Plenty of religious people are highly supportive of secularism because it protects them from religious extremism. In nations that don't practice secularism there don't tend to be a lot of different sects or competing religions. /t/secular is meant to be a place to discuss secular topics including violations of secular values.

        • redalastor

          Got it.

          Would topics relating to laïcité (no word for it in English) be at home in /t/secularism?

          Laïcité, the model favoured by France and Quebec is like secularism but stricter (in Quebec, it often gets into conflict with the secular model of Canada).

          An exemple a famous court fight was over the right to bring a bladed weaponry if it was mandated by your beliefs (the Sikh for instance). Quebec's laïc position was that your religious beliefs didn't matter, we can't bend the rules to allow anyone to bring weapons to school. Canada's secular position was that we must respect everyone's religion so they should be allowed.

          Given the current size of snapzu, I think that ought to go in the same tribe.

    • a7h13f

      Done! Thanks for the suggestion!

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