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Published 5 years ago by Zeus with 40 Comments

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  • Nwah

    "Video Games are meant to be just one thing, fun. Fun for everyone." -Satoru Iwata And goddamnit he was right. RIP Iwata.

    • dmt

      I wish we could turn that quote into the focus of modern day gaming.

      • nauthas

        It sure beats the current "Fun is overrated, ech"trend which seems to be popular.

  • Sephtis


    We're losing all the good ones this year :(

  • Cat

    I'm so sad, he was influential in so many important games.

  • Zeus (edited 5 years ago)

    RIP. :(

    Edit: Nintendo's games have brought so many people so much joy, it's like most of us grew up with them. Mr. Iwata worked on everything from Mario to Zelda, Kirby to Earthbound and Animal Crossing. To hear we've lost someon so important to the company is just heartbreaking.

    • sarcasimo

      He also did some amazing work with Pokemon Gold/Silver in making all of Kanto fit on the cartridge.

      Such a bright person, and a good fit for CEO.

  • Nospine (edited 5 years ago)

    What?!? No way. I know that he was having health complications but all of a sudden like this? This doesn't feel right at all and I can't accept it, not like this D:

    He was a great figure inside a morally decaying industry where more and more companies point their attention towards money and not their audience, not to mention that he has also put a lot of effort into some games (Pokemon Gold/Silver comes to mind), so that we could enjoy more features and content. Hopefully the one who succeeds him can follow in his steps and continue the great work that Iwata-san was doing. Thanks for everything and sweet dreams :')

    EDIT: Please understand.

  • drunkenninja (edited 5 years ago)

    Ohh no, he will be missed. RIP

  • Escalator

    It's quite interesting hearing all these stories about games he improved from merely good to timeless classics (e.g earthbound and pokemon g/s). Really shows how he knew the industry rather than just being another man in a suit. An inspiring man who climbed from a developed up to the ceo of one of gaming's largest companies, but still maintained a passion for his work. This was sad news to wake up to this morning. RIP

  • MrFaust

    This is just devastating.

  • Quietrabbit

    Holy crap, I knew he was in bad condition but I didn't expect him to die, he was only in his 50's…. I'm honestly in complete shock right now

  • wilsmoove

    Dude was a revolutionary, and too young to boot. RIP

  • PlaydoughMnstr

    How likely is it that Shigeru Myamoto steps up to the challenge? He could help lessen the blow.

  • the7egend

    That was abrupt. It's an unfortunate event, but he is leaving behind an amazing legacy.

  • Pockets69

    WAIT WHAT? NO!!!

    Was not expecting that, i am not a fan of this nintendo, but the nintendo that was years ago pre wii was amazing, and i had a great time with games and consoles he was responsible for, my condolences to his family, may he rest in peace.

  • PrismDragon

    What!? How? What did he die of?

    • Zeus

      The press release says it was due to a bile duct growth.

      Complications relating to cancer, I believe.

  • babymeta1

    Man, hope his family is pulling through these hard times. He seemed like a nice dude.

  • Nanotwerp

    This man was a huge part of my childhood. Rest in peace, Iwata. I finally understand.

  • StickyKees

    Very sad news. He was trying so hard to keep the company afloat, sacrificed so much.

  • enethanniel

    I'm more shocked by this news than I would have thought. I guess I really only knew him from his Nintendo Directs, but he always gave off vibes of genuine enthusiasm and friendliness. Reading more about his legacy only makes the sadness stronger. RIP.

  • GreatMightyPoo

    What a shame. Relatively young too. I wonder who's gonna step up in his place?

  • Rothulfossil

    There's something so devastating when a good man passes.

  • Slyver08

    A giant in the gaming industry, he'll be missed. RIP.

  • MrY

    Damn, this sucks. He still has so much more to contribute

  • MePLUR

    Wtf ... I know he was ill, but this feels so sudden. RIP.

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