• Ryvaeus

    The first hint I got of Laurie's piano playing was in the TV drama, House M.D. At first I thought it was just typical movie magic, the actor was just behind the instrument with his hands hidden and music was added in post. But as I paid more attention to the shots where we see House's hands, I realized, dude knows how to play. And play well.

    • double2

      Yup. He's released albums and everything! Played on Jools Holland a couple of years back too.

    • Wenjarich (edited 8 years ago)

      Yes I know, it's like this subtle talent he kind of likes to nonchalantly display every now and then as if it's just the norm of things. Where as, having heard him, I wouldn't mind buying an album of music he wrote, were something like that to exist.

      Edit: Haha, took me by surprise seeing my user name in green in the comments. Took me a second to click why that was. :P