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Published 3 years ago with 3 Comments

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  • Rathenix

    This really needs to see a full western release. I don't know anything about how well it plays, but if it has half as much care put into it as it looks, then I think we're in for a treat. The Pokemon franchise somehow still manages to power on as some kind of unstoppable video game juggernaut despite not innovating much of anything in almost 20 years. I'm a huge Pokemon fan, so I would hate to see them fade into obscurity, and genre-busting crossovers like this are exactly the kind of thing I think they should be doing to keep the dream alive. Now if we could just get more classic-style Pokemon games with a different main plot than "be 10, get mon, win badges, stop evil team, defeat Elite Four."

    • VoyagerXyX

      Pokémon is my rock. As the rest of the gaming world changes around me I know I can always rely on Pokémon for the same experience. I use it as an escape all the time. I love everything about it and I hope the main series is the same when my kids are playing it 10 or 20 years in the future. That said, these spin offs and side games (like pokemon snap, or more recently rumble/pokken) definitely need more consistent releases in NA and EU markets. People will literally throw their money at Nintendo just to try these games out. I hope we see more in the future.

  • Shinyegg

    I wish they were fighting digimon :/

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