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Published 7 years ago by VoyagerXyX with 4 Comments

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  • BlankWindow

    No release was given after the initial delay. This is just the people who assumed things getting pissy because they are just now realizing they were wrong the whole time.

    • VoyagerXyX

      Valid point. ^_^

    • Zormzor

      I don't understand the concept of getting impatient with the development stage of games. If they rush it out, you're gonna have a bad time. I'm more than happy to sit and play my other games while they polish it up for us. If you think you shouldn't be waiting for your video game. please see: Dark Souls, DS2, Watchdogs, AC: Unity, Arkham Knight, Diablo 3. Should I continue? or should we stop this silly practice of rushing games out the door simply because we want to play them?

      • BlankWindow

        This is exactly the plus that comes with playing Nintendo. So many people get a ton of preorders for games and feel they just have to release something. I don't want 'something' I want the 'thing' you advertised.

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