• xg549

    Yeah. Miiverse wasn't a bad step in the direction of creating a community for nintendo users, but I'm hoping they might take a more integrated approach next gen. Hammering down a more solid friends system and then adding a steam-esque option to join someone's multiplayer session would be glorious.

    That said, nint's always been known to do their own thing rather than keep up with the competition, and I don't think this sort of thing is inside of their scope of vision for what they want out of a console. Sadly.

    • VoyagerXyX

      I just wish for once they could set up a dynamic system of parental controls that can allow adults who play their systems a fantastic online experience. I don't care if they want to keep restrictions on kids so they aren't sending dick pics to eachother (or whatever stupid reason they got rid of spot pass messaging) but there needs to be something more.