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Published 6 years ago by Urbanknight4 with 1 Comments

Who would be interested in a Warhammer 40,000 Book Club?

Read good books, talk to friendly people, praise the Emperor in all his glory. What's not to like?

  • I was thinking that since /t/bookclub exists and talks about novels monthly, Warhammer 40k fans would like to start their own thing. 40k has a ton of novels and audio books to choose from, so it's not like we'll have a meager collection to choose from. My idea for how this will play out is that if this post gets enough feedback, I'll start organizing people so we can start our own book club here in /t/books! It would be much like /t/bookclub, with the only difference being we'd only use Warhammer 40k novels.

    For non-fans and people looking to get into this, I will help you out personally if you want to give you text to read (mostly from the wiki) that will give you a nice little intro into the grimdark future of mankind. A few basics: Praise the Emperor, praise the Emperor, and praise the Emperor. That's all, Imperial citizen!

    Remember, guys: If I get enough feedback, I'll start the club right here in /t/books. There will also be posts connected to /t/warhammer so you guys can go either way for your monthly Warhammer fix.

    Here are a few novels for you guys to mull over while we get it all set up:

    Space Marine by Ian Watson

    Space Hulk by Gav Thorpe

    Assault on Black Reach by Nick Kyme


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  • idlethreat

    I've been wanting to get into the Warhammer 40K series for a few years now, but with the different series and time frames, it's hard to know where to start. So, i've be happy to join up

    • Urbanknight4

      I'd be glad to help you out with the timelines as we organize the club! It's daunting to have 40 years' worth of history before you, but it's actually really simple. I should make an introductory post later with references and guides and junk...

      Hmm. You've given me a great idea! Happy to have you here!

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