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  • NotWearingPants

    Trump's path to the presidency:

    1) Alienate Minorities

    2) Alienate Women

    3) ???

    4) Profit

    • Civil

      Hopefully he never realizes he needs to votes of more than just the rich white men to win.

      • Lievren (edited 8 years ago)

        I've come to the conclusion that his buffoonery is being bankrolled to make other GOP contenders seem less shit in the long run, but despite his predicable dismissals of anyone he disagrees with in the basest demeaning summation, and aside from things like this, I am enjoying the sideshow with broken clock strikes right twice daily sad humor of his shitshow which contrasts so much against the scripted nature of his sellout of his GOP opponents which is always off

        • Civil

          Honestly, that makes a lot of sense. Not sure if it's true or not, but it'd make sense.

        • ColonBowel

          contrasts so much against the scripted nature of his sellout of his GOP opponents

          I think this is his appeal. He does present as someone that has his own views. The rest, aside from Rand Paul, are all the same and the difference is the delivery.

      • NotWearingPants

        I think his pool of voters is even smaller than that. "Rich white men who don't realize he's a buffoon". A wading pool may be large enough to hold that crowd.

        • FivesandSevens

          I don't know about that. Where I live his supporters are plentiful, not rich, and they're not just men. They are pretty much all white though, and they see his buffoonery as "real talk." The Limbaugh crowd, I assume. Very similar anti-feminism, anti-immigrant, anti-"PC culture" hot buttons.

      • Fuyu

        Or people who adamantly hate the left. My mother has said she'd vote for Trump if it was him vs Clinton or Sanders and she fully acknowledges he's an egotistical buffoon.

        The two party system is horrifying like that.

        • Civil

          I work with someone who said pretty much just that on Friday. Scary times.