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Published 3 years ago by TNY with 5 Comments

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  • sashinator

    The plot of Highlander 2

    • iamsanchez

      Is it actually? I haven't seen it but I remember being a big fan of the series. That or I just don't remember because it was so long ago.

      • sashinator

        Roughly. They block the sky with blanket laser to prevent uv radiation (ozone layer was all the rage when they made that movie)

    • drunkenninja

      Or the future the movie Snow Piercer is based in!

  • NotWearingPants

    Throwing magic cooling compounds into the atmosphere is a whole easier than getting them back out.

    Better hope there aren't any major volcanic eruptions during the time frame the compounds are active.

    "How I learned to stop worrying and love the ice age."

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