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  • sashinator

    All of the above

    • 3rdWheel

      I have a feeling you don’t really want to discuss it, but by all means, if you’d like to expand on your thoughts on why you disagree that this guy is just full of hot air, I’m willing to read what you have to say.

      • sashinator

        I can post an update later. I need to collect my thoughts into a coherent, non-flaming structure. It's time and effort on my behalf. If you're really interested I will make the effort and create the time

      • sashinator (edited 1 month ago)

        So on a point-by-point basis:

        On how easy this guy's life is? Yes, I disagree. It's certainly easier than someone who lives in abject poverty or dying of famine but life is not easy. Not for anyone. Life is difficult. I disagree that this person's pain of loss or loneliness is easier than anyone else's because he has money to buy distractions. IMO that makes it different but not easier. Pain is pain and loss is loss and loneliness is loneliness whether you think you can buy your way out of it or not they remain an absolute

        On how dreams don’t put food on the table? I do disagree. I am living my dream and putting food on the table. I have met others who told me the same. I have heard other (like this guy) speak of it

        Or about the benefits of “living without regrets?” I have certainly discovered the benefits as a first-hand experience so yes I disagree

        Or perhaps the motive that these rich people tell us poor people to live under the guise of ‘money can’t buy happiness?’ What exactly is their motive? I don't follow what your point is supposed to be. That all rich people are banded together in one, homogeneous cabal conspiring to delude you into thinking positively and striving to succeed because that is how they continue to enslave you? Well... that's a little out there, wouldn't you agree? Especially since you clearly don't "buy it" yet you are still "enslaved", not so?