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Published 3 years ago with 18 Comments

Now this is a loooong waterslide!

In the video, Action Park employee Jason Mulder donned a GoPro for NJ Advance Media and rode down a nearly 2,000-foot-long water slide at the Sussex County water park.

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  • Cheski

    Feel free to correct my math...

    The travel takes place from contact made at :04 to 1:07. Meaning 1:03 of travel, converted to seconds: 63

    Formula: Speed = Distance ÷ Time

    5280 feet per mile, if they traveled the full 2000 feet: 2000 / 5280 = .378 miles

    .378 miles in 63 seconds = 21.6 mph


    34.7618 kmh 9.6560 meters/sec 1900.7999 feet/minute

    • drunkenninja (edited 3 years ago)

      Sounds about right, while your calculation focuses on the average speed I think I saw some areas where he was going slower and others where he was going faster, which would mean that he very likely had a top speed of about 40 kmh which is pretty damn impressive.

    • Specter09

      Math, so useful

  • geoleo

    That would be awesome to have a 2nd one right beside it used for racing.

  • Improbability

    If this slide were a little more extreme, I'd say that wasn't muddy water.

    • ckshenn

      Oil or lubricant would do the trick

  • Victarion

    That looks cool. Its only 2 hours away from where i live. If only I had kids so i could have an excuse of going.

  • NameTaken

    Is this sussex in the south east of england? If it is, I would love to go on it!

    • tehdiplomat

      Sussex County New Jersey. The original Action Park is quite the local legend around here. I've added a link in the related section.

  • Borska

    Smart to use a ski resort to build this on.

  • SevenTales

    Wow. That looked awesome. When I was a kid, the only waterslide we had access to was in our backyard, and measured about 3m. I want to try this :P

  • iSpeekEngrish

    I just really want to know who peed all the way down and how big a bladder they would have to do that.

  • MrFaust

    Action Park! Infamously once called "Class-Action Park" thanks to an unfortunate history of dangerous but thrilling attractions.

    Back in business...and (from what I hear) safer.

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