• Fuyu

    People always tell others that are complaining about what the government does that they should vote and fix things. The thing is, if the government wants it, they don't give a single damn what the voters say. We have fought this idea for what, years now? And they passed it anyways. Voting doesn't do shit, and I'm absolutely tired of it.

    • spaceghoti

      The solution for this is to vote out the people who disregarded the will of the people. Bear in mind that the politicians who listened to the will of the people when this was previously defeated previously have been pushed out of the majority in an election with record low voter turnout.

      • Fuyu (edited 6 years ago)

        I can at best attempt to vote out a few individuals tied to my state and then the president. The other 90%+ in control of this country? Completely powerless to influence. Statistically, I cannot do anything.

        • spaceghoti (edited 6 years ago)

          That's because you're not supposed to. No one person should have the ability to decide these things, it should be a collective effort. Telling people that voting is useless is the best way to go about protecting the interests of the status quo.