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Published 8 years ago by Retzilience with 7 Comments

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  • exegesispieces

    Both settings are hot, but California offers greater interaction with water.

    That's a bit ironic. Maybe this show won't slow down to a crawl. I might actually enjoy it since The Walking Dead lost me after they just wasted too much time doing nothing but looking scared and hiding episode after episode. To the show's credit though I haven't watched in a while, so maybe they picked the pace up a bit.

    • Retzilience (edited 8 years ago)

      Once they had the showrunner change from Glen Mazzara to Scott Gimple on Season 4 it really improved, it still had to tie some knots on season 4, but on season 5 every knot seemed a bit tied and the playground was set, and the quality improved ridiculously on every area.

    • dmt

      I lost interest in the second season when they switched from a (semi-)Realistic Take on Zombie Survival to a Quaint Farmhouse Drama with Zombies.

    • wheels29

      They did pick up the pace a little bit, but it was still kinda slow.

    • Kingerik

      Also we're coming to where the comics hit their best strides so I would keep watching. Also it gets better with season 5 being the best to date, except the first half.

  • idlethreat (edited 8 years ago)

    Here's hoping it's a little bit better than Rick Grimes yodling CORAL! all the time and eye fucking the camera during dramatic moments.

    I really lost interest after they got into the penitentiary. Just got worse and worse and darker and more depressing and just gave up on it. They're out of it now, all I know. Lost the will to care.

    That being said, elizabeth gutierrez will be in the new show. Loved her in OITNB. Looking forward to seeing how it works.

  • Specter09

    I'm really excited for it. I think TWD was at its best when no one knew how to fight the walkers. Back when a pack of walkers in a building was a big threat. Now TWD members can storm an entire supermarket and kill an entire horde. Plus this should give us a solid 3.5 months of walking dead shows until Feb when TWD picks up again

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