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Published 7 years ago by PrismDragon with 2 Comments

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  • Roundcat

    The problem with the WiiU imo is that it was never good at holding a single person's interest for long. The best moments with my wiiU is when I have friends around, and when we play rounds of Smash bros, Mario Kart, Splatoon, and Mario 3D World co-op. Once they leave though, the games just don't have the same amount of draw to them, and leave me wanting an extra player to share the experience with.

    The WiiU is one hell of a party system, but I don't think I could recommend it to someone who prefers playing games solo.

    • stareyedgirl

      I agree, but that's actually part of the draw for me. It's something my husband and I can do together. Other systems don't have a lot of games with local multiplayer. So I can sit and watch while he plays Skyrim. Or he can sit and watch while I play Assassin's Creed...

      Diablo III has it, I think, but we already played it on our computers, so...

      Another strike against it, is that to make a really great Wii-U game, it almost has to be designed specifically for the Wii-U. I'm bummed that more people didn't develop for it, but I also understand why they didn't. It costs so much money to develop, it's game suicide to develop for only one niche system, so they develop universally for all the systems. This means that the game is only OK on the Wii-U, and it's also on every other system, so why would you even need a Wii-U in the first place? The only thing that kept them afloat at all is their exclusive titles.

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