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Published 3 years ago with 5 Comments

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  • picklefingers

    I can just imagine the days that people will scoff at people with only 25TB SSDs. "Seriously bro? I just built my 1PB machine."

    On a more relevant note, $1000 is less than I expected. If I was building my dream pc, I would consider investing it. But in reality, we've still probably got plenty of years until the 2TB SSD is realistic for consumers.

  • CDefense7

    Don't SSDs have some serious problems? Some of which were just recently found? Not the least of which is write-cycles. I don't see in the article that this is addresses. It has a 10-year warranty, but that's not much good if you lose all your data. Of course backups are vital for any HD tech. Anyone have any ideas how reliable this new drive is?

    • exegesispieces (edited 3 years ago)

      A common misconception is to compare SSDs with flash drives. While they store data in a similar fashion the key difference is that the SSD has a dedicated controller. A flash drive does have limited read and write cycles until it fails. The same is true for SSDs except the controller uses a technology called wear leveling to distribute data among the drive evenly so one sector doesn't become more worn out than another. Think of it like rotating your tires. SSDs have already surpassed standard hard drives in longevity in standard usage. Link The fact that Samsung offers a 10 year warranty with this drive means that they must expect the drive perform well for 10 years. The biggest issue that SSDs currently have is that they don't handle unexpected power loss well. Sometimes an unexpected loss in power can render a SSD nonfunctional. If you were interested in this drive or any SSD I would say that the technology has advanced to be reliable enough to use as long as you back-up your data, which you should be doing anyways. The fact is SSDs don't t have to be 100% reliable. SSDs just have to be more reliable than standard hard drives, and it seems that they are.

  • Axiomatic (edited 3 years ago)

    I often wish I had the money to just build a bunch of different desktops without any budget restrictions. I wouldn't have to own them, hell, I'd probably just keep one and give the others away, but I just get so much enjoyment out of the assembly process.

    • Gelidaer

      People do get paid to build pc's. You can look into a job like that if you're really interested

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