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    HEADCANON: Diamond Tiara became nice. Yes. Nice. She met up with Apple Bloom and apologised and stuff. I think I'll post that next.

    Short description: - She's always grumpy - She's gothic - She doesn't act like a brat very often but more like a bully - She's not into toys and other things kids usually want but she's more of a bully - There are times when she just wants to have a companion but ponies are too afraid of her even though they never met her

    I dunno who her daddy is yet tho. Suggestion

    Lower Left = Adult Locket Hearts

    Lower Right = She has NO respect for anyone. Her servants, other ponies, her parents. Not even herself mostly.

    Upper Left = Her brain's got a whole dictionary on swear words, insults and comebacks. She uses them for the smallest things as you can see.

    Upper Right = She's being racist at such a young age wut


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