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    Lilly: "Dude, I'm like, so EXITED!" She says as she starts flexing

    Humble: "Stop. Also, Did you really have to bring Angel Bunny? He's a nuicance."

    Lilly: "What?! No he's not! He's a precious little ball of fluff! starts to baby talk Aren't you widdle angel wangel?" she says while she coos the bunny

    Humble: "He's a demon. I don't see how you, mom AND dad can't see that."

    Lilly: "You at least have uncle spike to agree with... gosh, I really don't see why you're always so grumpy."

    Humble: "At least you don't have to risk your life everyday, miss powerlifting queen."

    Lilly: "Thank you, ya dork. And I choose to live this life, It's just my hobby, You know I love doing weather more than lifting. Or are you just jealous because I lift more than you now? You little squisy... thing." She says as she pokes her brother

    Humble: "Fireponies have very serious jobs, and you know that. Anyways, Where is mom and Dad? I thought they would be here by now."

    Lilly: "Dad and Mom went to go see the breezies. They won't be here until noon. It was you who wanted to come early in the morning."

    Humble: "That's because I wanted to spend time with you again, my little sister." He says this as he hears Angel bunny throwing raspberries at him

    Lilly: "aww... I-I mean, YEAH!!!"


    Meet Humble and Pastel Lilly! :D fluttershy babies. FlutterShy married Bulk Biceps and.... Bulkshy OTP.

    Humble is the older, kinda protective and kinda grumpy brother almost everyone has. He's actually very mellow, and he's one of the only other ponies who know Angel's true nature. Humble is literally living proof of irony. He doesn't take that lightly, but will rub that back into ponies faces when he's a little too honest. He despises Angel for so, so many reasons. Yet everyone doesn't seem to notice. He is a firepony and works almost everyday. He's one of the youngest on his squad but is very talented and skilled. Humble is close friends with Princess Skyla and Princess Raine. Humble had a crush on Raine when they were in their young teens, but he seems to be more netural about it by now. Although she is the only pony who can really make him smile and actually make him laugh and bring out his true, kind nature. Humble is The oldest out of all the Mane 6 kids, So that means Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps decided to have a foal very early on. They both wanted to have children soon, so they did.

    Pastel Lily is one of the youngest of the Mane 6 kids, she is also the strongest. Her and Sweet Apple usually have competitions to see who is stronger (Just like AppleJack and RainbowDash) But it would always come to a tie, almost every single time. Lilly admires her dad and loves to work out. But, it's not her forte. Her real love is helping the weather ponies and she is very skilled when it comes to a light rain, or a sunny drizzle. Lilly's best friend is Jelly soul. The two are inseperable, and want to be sneaky, but they're too good for that. Lilly looks very frail and dainty, but call her either of those and she will flex those words out of you. She also loves showing up Colts who try to make her feel bad, or try to show their "puppies" to her. She had mad dogs and she's not afraid to show them off.

    The two are very muscular, but Humble kinda has to, so he can keep up and have great stamina for rescues c: I also gave Pastel Lilly an update on her mane, it's to resemble more on her personality.


    hope you enjoy them c:

    Pastel Lilly and Humble Belong to me (c)


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