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  • kevino025

    Then they'll say something like: "You see, that's why we go to iOS first. Barely anyone played it on android compared to iOS" And android will keep on being shoved back for later releases.

    • Spooky

      Yup. We get some great games on Android, but it just doesn't compare to iOS.

      • CuppaMatt

        The reasons are overwhelmingly "Money".

        IOS may have a much lesser market share but the stats show quite clearly that the people that use IOS are MUCH more likely to buy things like in app purchases, etc as well as games and apps in general. So usually, if an app goes for a staged rollout it will hit Apple devices first to get that cash lump which in turn helps offset the development costs so they can bring it to android.

        While all this is happening Windows Mobile cries silently, rocking itself to sleep in the corner singing a sad song about how nobody loves it.

        • Spooky

          I've also noticed that Android often gets 'lesser' versions. I wanted to download a few of NimbleBit's games a while back, but they use Mobage and wouldn't let me play without signing up for an account and remaining connected. It was never a problem when I had an iPod Touch, so it's kind of disheartening to have to put up with it on Android.

          • CuppaMatt

            I've seen that a little bit yeah. I think some of it is a leftover from the days where the Google Play service wasn't really around. Developers on the IOS side would just use the Apple Games whatever their service is called (I forget) but there were 3 or 4 competing 3rd party services on Android to do the same thing. While Google Play Games thing exists now some of them still insist you use their 3rd party of choice.

            Having said that I'm not a developer and that's speculation so it may be utter BS.

          • Spooky (edited 4 years ago)
            @CuppaMatt -

            I still remember the days of OpenFeint, before Game Center became a thing on iOS.