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Published 8 years ago by ObiWanShinobi with 6 Comments

Fear the Walking Dead

Official World Premier Trailer


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  • ObiWanShinobi (edited 8 years ago)

    Looks like it's going to be an interesting new take on the zombie apocalypse I've gotten used to over the years. I am personally more interested in this than the next season of the original Walking Dead. I love zombie films and shows with a slowly building atmosphere of fear and tension.

  • massani

    This looks really promising! I'm a huge fan of Kim Dawkins so I'm really eager to see how this plays out. Plus the atmosphere looks really cool compared to the post-apocalyptic one we are used to.

  • bogdan

    It looks exciting, but my first thought as the trailer started was... "another zombie show?"... Now, I love this sort of dystopian world, and my mind can definitely adapt to the rules of the one that they are going to create, but I really wish they'd experiment with some new stuff as well (zombies already feel like the new vampires).

  • TheAmerican

    I feel like someone asked to make a World War Z series and instead some producer suggested that they just expand the Walking Dead universe.

  • Rothulfossil

    Ooh! I'm a big fan of the comics, but ended up very disappointed (over time) by the show. This looks like a breath of fresh air! Can't wait to see the beginnings of this apocalypse.

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