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Published 4 years ago with 5 Comments
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  • Gozzin

    Well I gotta say,this is a refreshing break from all the talk about American politics. I'd not give a flaming fart about what England did,if I did not have a very good friend in Scotland. Whatever England does,Scotland does the opposite. (note my link). My hope is they can finally get out from under England's thumb. I'm still baffled how their vote for independence failed..Still, GO SCOTLAND! And to add frosting to the cake, Cameron is also taking his little red wagon and going home. Pure gold this is,pure gold.

  • leweb

    This is going to hurt both the UK and Europe badly, but it's just another example of the consequences of the global corporate plutocracy massively screwing the common people. Governments have sold out to the billionaires, and people are fed up with it. Sadly, this sort of thing will continue happening until (1) Politicians become honest (probability = 0.0000001%) or (2) There is a major economic collapse caused by people voting for stupid options to punish the establishment (probability = 99.9999999%).

  • NinjaKlaus

    I'm not entirely sure why so many think it's wrong for the UK to be able to make laws and act in accordance with their wishes and not the EU's. If this is the only way they thought they could do it. I get that monetarily everybody thinks things would be best remaining in the Union, I just don't see tons of benefit in being told as a country what they can and can't do. Somebody tell me why this was a good thing or why this is a bad thing, assuming you live there.

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