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  • spammusbi

    I still go on reddit. Of course I do, I've been a user there for 4 years. The thing that bothers me the most is that it seems like the owners are just jerking everyone around. Contradicting statements, ignoring people outright about certain subjects, or just not acting professional at all.

    The reason I still visit reddit is because it is way more active then here, even the top posts here only get a very very small amount of comment or upvotes, but I very much dislike the way things are going over in reddit. But I still love coming on here because everyone is really nice and it's great to be a mod to 2 tribes, which I never would have a chance to do on reddit.

    Sometimes it is discouraging though, because they are barely active. I hope this doesn't mean that Snapzu is just some fad. I very much enjoy this site and I hope it becomes something very good.

    • rosellem

      I've really enjoyed myself here, but I agree that it is less active. I am hoping the community here continues to grow, but it took years for reddit to become what it is today, so I'm just enjoying what we have right now and waiting to see what happens.

      • spammusbi

        You're right that it took quite a few years for reddit to start gaining traffic, and of course after the Digg incident it increased dramatically. So far Snapzu has created a nice little pocket of good people. I definitely hopes it continues to grow.

      • RandomHuman

        The site will continue to grow. I finally got my invite after requesting one about a week+ ago so I'm sure there are quite a few users who are reading, but still unable to comment.

    • double2 (edited 7 years ago)

      I'm a little frustrated here at the moment as there seem to be some glaring design errors regarding searching, reposting, managing your feed, algorithms of what you get shown yadda yadda, I don't think the place needs more activity as much as it needs a better way of digesting the existing content, so that those who want to participate can always be alerted to stuff they're interested in and tribes that want to specialise in something aren't crippled by the bizarrely harsh attitude to reposting.

      Snapzu has a lot of potential, but finding these flaws over my couple of weeks here, plus what looks like a positive direction for reddit, has me at least back to a 33% reddit 66% here split.

      Edit: and the most frustrating this is that /t/ideasforsnapzu exists, but is crippled by the very issues that are brought up there. "I can't search for posts by tribe" gets posted frequently, instead of one post getting lots of votes BECAUSE the feature doesn't exist. It drives me mad!

      • spammusbi

        I agree that the design of the site definitely has it's flaws. Hopefully they will be able to change it up soon.

        • double2

          Yea,, I hope so too.. The only reason I care is because so much is right. It just kind of feels like fundementals have been missed.. I wish I could do more about it than just dump my thoughts and ideas in to the ideasforsnapzu.. Anyway -- admins, please don't take this as me being arsey! I love you all and I love your site :)

    • sturle

      There are completely unrelated problems there too. I got fed up, because of the moderation and rules for my favorite sub /r/worldnews. They sort out soft paywalled sites. I kind of understand that. However: The only reliable source of news about China, the center of this century's economic activity and major conflicts, will never be visible, while Chinese government propaganda sites is among the top posts on a daily basis. It is so bad it does look intentional, and not due to ignorance.

      Brigading means posts critical of India or Israel will never be visible, and for some reason you can post praise of the F-35 fighter project, but you can not criticize it.