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  • NinjaKlaus

    How dare you blame Hollywood for its failures, it's clearly the fault of movie fans being pirates and Rotten Tomatoes for giving them bad scores.

    • leweb

      I can't remember the last time I watched a Hollywood movie. I have no incentive to get pirate copies of them, or to check any reviews, because statistically I can be more or less certain that any given movie sucks.

      • Gozzin (edited 1 year ago)

        I feel the same way. All of them have the same tired old plots that one can figure out within 15 minutes of the movie starting. Summer movies are always stupid action super hero slop aimed at teenagers. Just dreadful. No,RT is not killing movies,Hollywood has been doing this to themselves for years! In a nutshell, all their movies are bad.. I'm at a loss as to why people would bother to pirate them since they are not worth stealing in the first place. It's like taking chewing gum from the sidewalk.

        .The last one I saw on the big screen was Ice Age and I have to admit,it was funny and I laughed a good bit during it. But for the most part,99.99% of their output is not even as good as what I unload in the toilet...If they take a novel and make it into a movie,they will totally trash it. The only excretion was Water For Elephants, which was well done. Anyway,it's a waste of time and money to look at movies and tv shows as well. That's my feelings on the subject any who.