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Published 2 years ago with 8 Comments

Griffon vulture by Martinus

He looks at you. You're not interesting. You live. -- 24 * 30 cm, acrylics on canvas -- For Sale

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  • AdelleChattre

    Formidable buzzard! The picture’s striking, too.

    • Maternitus

      Thank you, Adelle! :-) The photo was taken before the varnishing, so it didn't get all the nuances. After the varnishing no photo could catch the subtleties and details, which is a pity in this world where people buy stuff with one photo as reference. On the last exhibition it was pretty crowded with people putting their faces as close as possible to find details or crazy twitches. The paintings are, finally, going somewhere that I like and can get behind. :-) I have had even two sweet critics, one from two professional trendwatchers who agreed that my works were "far above the level of Ghent" (city I live in) and the other one by a professor in art history, stating "I think that when you go on like this, I'd have to write at least a chapter about your works." Two days later, nothing has been sold and I still do not get it. The market wants me to paint simple cartoonish shit, the public wants me to paint the crazy (sur-)realisms and in the middle I am: what to do? Paint half baked bullshit for money or go on and paint fine art for some hardcore fame. The latter can serve me later, the former ruins my carreer. And I need sales now. Hahaha! :-)

      • Appaloosa

        I am so happy for you!

        • Maternitus

          Aaah, my friend! :-) Well, thank you! Somehow I must constrain myself and go on with working. Eliminate every possible form of short term thinking and handling is my credo for the coming time, I guess.

          • Appaloosa

            Ah, painting for the love and painting for the money are two different things that artists never really seem to figure out.

            • Maternitus
              @Appaloosa -

              Well, money buys material. No love there, hahaha. And the choice between cheap excuses for paintings and trying to reach for the stars is a no brainer: I'd love to reach those. I gave up on being abducted by aliens, so I picked up painting. How's that for a booktitle, hahaha! :-P

            • Appaloosa
              @Maternitus -

              You are an amazing human being!

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