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Published 10 years ago by KondoR with 9 Comments

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  • KondoR

    This has happened time and time over...

    • drummer

      Exactly, time is in the business of selling magazines, and will make modifications to best suit their sale numbers

  • zaza410

    I think it really shows more about the American people, TIME is a magazine and they will try to sell the most attractive product to their customers who in the states happen to be a more simplistic audience.

    • bradd

      This makes me sad

  • mhugan

    Interesting to speculate about what this says of U.S. culture.

  • ReanLu (edited 10 years ago)

    This makes me sad for Americans, however I can't help but wonder if a similar article could be put together for a different market.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

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