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Published 6 years ago by KondoR with 2 Comments

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  • cjrobe

    Any musician could tell you it's (obviously) not true - it's not how many hours you practice, it's how you practice. First of all, you have to be lucky from birth because not everyone has the potential to be a star. Second, you have to put hard work into it - so many talented people don't become anything because of a lack of discipline or lack of interest in their area of talent. Third, you have to study with the right people - if you don't pick your mentors carefully you won't be able to reach your potential. Fourth, back to practicing, you have to learn how to practice. Sitting there for four hours playing the same thing over and over again like a zombie doesn't do you any good.

  • btcprox

    I thought it was already touted as a very very vague generalisation, if not a myth. It's always a balance of quantity AND quality of preparation.

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