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Published 5 years ago by Jello with 6 Comments

Is there a "Snapzu Enhancement Suite"?

  • RES was one of my favorite things about reddit, specifically night mode was a major plus for me. I was just wondering if there was anything similar out there for Snapzu, if not just something to change the default background to black instead of white. I searched around for a little bit but was unable to find anything, any suggestions would be awesome!


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  • defttt (edited 5 years ago)

    There is a way to have a dark theme, with the chrome (and also firefox) extention stylish. I saw it earlier, and installed it. It works great aside from there being a blue box around avatars. It's not that noticeable, however, and I think you should check it out:

    Stylish chrome

    Stylish firefox

    Snapzu Dark theme

    If I find the original post, I'll link it here.

  • picklefingers

    Nothing yet. We are waiting for the API to be released.

    • slandy

      Really hoping this will come soon. Currently looking to implement some RES-like features now, but it's going to require some gross code hacks.

    • Schwut

      Do we have an ETA for when the API will be released? I haven't really seen any timelines or anything anywhere, aside from the post about expanding the servers.

  • slandy

    I'll be releasing an extension with a night-mode style option soon.

    • scheda

      Make sure it's on GitHub please! Some of us would love to contribute to this kind of thing. :)

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