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Published 4 years ago with 4 Comments

Are we Storming?-Tuckman may help see the way through.

As new groups are formed, a model developed by Tuckman helps to describe the phases that the group moves through on its way to performing at its best. With consideration given to some of the posts I have seen today, we could well be in a storming phase- this is not surprising given the large influx of new members. Conflict can be a normal and healthy phase of development in any group and is usually the ground on which the group begins to define or redefine the members/group boundaries.

  • Tuckman's model of team development Tuckman's model of team development

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  • Raycu

    I'm not really sure what question you're supposed to be asking here, but I guess I'll give my view on it, as unimportant as it may be.

    I think if we're in any stage, it's probably a transition from storming to norming, there's a few people who know each other currently, and tribes are being formed, communication exists. Yet new people come in every day, and the more there are, the longer these transitions will take, which worries me slightly. I'm not sure, but for now, I just hope the community can manage to get through all the phases.

    • Boudicca

      Hi Raycu, I guess I was throwing it out there for people's thoughts on the phase that Snapzu may be in. I have read a few posts now where people are expressing concerns that the Snapzu culture may be affected negatively by a big influx of people who are possibly used to relating in a different way, and I wanted to provide a framework to contextualise that. So given I asked the question, what you think is important to me, thanks for commenting :)

      • sirlag

        Hey. Just a differing opinion, I think the influx of users has been a great thing. I have had an account for a while, but barely used it as there was just not enough users for the site to function in a decent manner. But with this sudden influx, even if some users are bringing in tendencies from other sites, we will slowly hit the critical mass for Snapzu to function as a decent hub for discussion!

        • Boudicca

          Yes, from what I have seen so far and from what I have read of other posts, there seems to have been a lot of benefits too- tribes being reclaimed and populated, new points of views, more content, new tribes, interesting engaging people etc. I guess what I am postulating is that with change and growth can come conflict, and that isnt necessarily a bad thing its just part of the process.

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