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Published 4 years ago with 1 Comments

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  • drunkenninja

    I copy and pasted the below quote from the "How to quickly and efficiently share links and media on Snapzu" snap that describes the best posting ettiquette when sharing / creating content on the site. Feel free to read the full snap here.

    c) Image:

    If the link you are submitting includes an image as the main content, we recommend linking to the image directly, as it will be automatically fetched and embedded in your snap. Doing so provides your viewers the convenience of not having to leave Snapzu to view the image. It will also offer the following advantages:

    - The image is hosted on Snapzu, which makes it directly shareable.
    - Your snap type is automatically selected as "Image Snap", speeding up the submission process slightly.
    - Your image snap is included on Snapzu Pics & GIFs section of the front page (http://pics.snapzu.com), where only snaps containing locally hosted images are shown. This will maximize exposure and potential audience.

    How can you find the direct image link?
    To get the URL of the image, right click the image in your browser and select "copy image URL/link". The copied URL should end with a .png, .gif or .jpg/jpeg. Finally, once you have your link ready, you can proceed to the submission.

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