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Published 4 years ago with 12 Comments

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Conversation 8 comments by 5 users
  • Teska

    I am counting down the days until my husband realizes our Roku's and Netflix account is all we really need. I both can and cannot believe that they called so many times even after she made it clear that the person they were looking for was not at the address. Even more ridiculous is the continuation of the calls after the lawsuit was filed! At some point you would think companies like TWC and Comcast would wise up and realize just how awful they are and how much their customer's despise dealing with them ... but they won't because they still have the customers and are the only option in many areas.

    Unfortunately, I also have a cell phone number that was previously owned. It's been over 6 years now since I acquired the phone number, and apparently "Kim" is still handing out the number ... to her father. I usually receive a call from him once every year or so. He's very nice and understanding. The debt collector's are not always so understanding.

    • gtwy

      I switched to Google voice because of this type of thing. Not because I really like the service (it's OK) but because I get so many robo calls from scammers and people looking for whoever had the number before me. I can block calls and texts entirely with Google voice (why doesn't every phone company offer this?)

      Anyways, it took about 6 months of diligent blocking, but I haven't had a single robo call or scammer in over a year. I use to get them DAILY.

    • kevino025

      If you're ever going to cut the cord, I recommend Plex. I have hundreds of movies and my favorite TV shows and I keep adding every day. I also have it set up so that when an episode of a show I follow airs it adds it to my plex server. Since I started using plex i barely use netflix. I still pay for it since there are a few things that ive yet to add to my library and because of their original shows.

      • redalastor

        Soon VLC will be able to broadcast to Chromecast. I compiled the latest dev version and it was still buggy but when it'll be done, it'll be a cool option.

        • kevino025

          Neat, thats great. I switched from VLC to DAUM potplayer a while ago. I cant remember why it was. I wonder if it will handle libraries or will it be just the file that its open. Pretty cool nonetheless. I used videostream before plex. With VLC adding chromecast support some people might not use videostream in the future.

      • Dernhelm

        We should start a /t/plex to share some of our servers.

      • Teska

        Plex is, I believe, integrated into our Roku and our Roku TV - if not it was easy to add. It's been awesome for sure. So many great tools and abilities and I know we've just barely scratched the surface on it.

        • kevino025

          it's definitely great. if you have any questions regarding Plex or how to automatically get episodes for your favorite shows let me know. Id be happy to help any way I can.

  • leweb

    This is beautiful. I have the same problem with Walgreens, I keep getting reminders to pick up prescriptions for the previous owner of my cell phone, and there's no way to turn them off. I have just learned that there is a class action lawsuit against them for these calls (link here), and I hope they also have to pay or this.

    Not to mention TWC doesn't exactly have a track record of good customer service. I'm lucky enough to live in one of the Google Fiber expansion areas, and will be the first to switch as soon as it's available.

  • Gozzin

    For them,this is not even a slap on the wrist, sad to say.

    • jcscher

      A slap on the wrist and good publicity for them!

  • kvn

    Clearly this is a case of a lazy employee, a company with bad inter-networking, and just bad management in general.

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