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  • CDefense7

    Can we stop calling conspiracy theorists "truthers?"

    • oystein

      I am willing to compromise on "Idiots"

    • rosellem

      I am tired of the word as well, but it automatically conveys a snide derision. Conspiracy theorists sounds way too nice. Some conspiracies do exists and theory sounds vaguely scientific. Calling them truthers is a better way of calling them idiots.

      • Retzilience

        I think some ideas are so ridiculous that they dismiss themselves, no need to kick a dead dog on the ground. But I understand your point and it makes sense.

    • neptunetitan

      Totally. I know the word has taken on a life of its own, but it still grates on me because it besmirches the word "truth" by association. If you want to know the truth behind something truly questionable, someone will probably label you as a wacky "truther" anyway, and your line of query loses all credibility. Look at what happened to all the people who early on questioned the 2003 Iraq invasion. Labeled truthers and traitors. But language is language, so truther is probably here to stay. Christ.

      • spaceghoti

        I know the word has taken on a life of its own, but it still grates on me because it besmirches the word "truth" by association.

        I'm pretty sure that the context of the two words leaves no doubt in people's mind that a "truther" is not someone who has a keen grasp on "truth."

    • Nerdeiro

      We're talking about the same kind of people who attach "Gate" to any scandal out there involving politicians.

      Specially on a Gawker Media owned blog.

    • Gozzin

      Ninnies perhaps?