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Published 4 years ago with 2 Comments
  • My Personal Touches

    I love recipes that are hard to do badly and reward you for creativity. I've linked to my base, gold standard, never fail version. I just never make it exactly that way.

    I omit the nuts and the coconut and I add more raisins. That one change makes it a home run every time - and it's close to the version found in my local bakery.

    Things I've tried

    • Raisins work best for my audience, about five per tart.

    • Almost any dried fruit works; I've tried dried apple chips and sweetened dried cranberries. Thin dried apples (with raisins) were perhaps the best I've ever had. Dried cranberries instead of raisens were also very good - but it was a cranberry tart, not a butter tart.

    • I tried cornflakes to add a slightly crunchy texture without using nuts or coconut. It was differently good, but we liked a smooth texture with plumped raisins better.

    • My best batch had a single rum-filled chocolate gently pressed into the tart filling before baking. It melted and oozed into the filling. I've been trying to find more of those ever since.

    • I sometimes use soft margarine instead of butter in the crust. I don't have a stand mixer and this makes life a bit easier. They aren't quite the same - but it's still delicious. If you don't have butter on hand, it's still worth the trouble making them.

    • Cocoa, maple syrup, almond flavoring and cinnamon are all worth a try.

    Use a proper tart pan. A cupcake/muffin pan throws off the crust to filling ratio and it becomes overwhelmingly sweet. (You could fill the cups half way, producing a wide, shallow tart.)

    Apply baker's spray liberally, unless you are using silicone bakeware. The filling sometimes bubbles over and it's very sticky.

    Loosen the cooled tarts with a plastic knife or a tiny silicone spatula; it's less likely to break the tart.

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  • drunkenninja

    I love recipes that are hard to do badly and reward you for creativity. I've linked to my base, gold standard, never fail version. I just never make it exactly that way.

    Said every dude that ever existed! Im going to cheat and get my significant other to help me with this, but I am a huge fan of butter tarts so this must be tried.

    • Graphictruth

      Where I live, the bakery charges two bucks a pop!

      This makes a dozen - so it's a total win, unless you consider the caloric load. All I can say is try to share!

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