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Published 1 year ago with 6 Comments
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  • rainyday

    Doesn't this only punish poor people who cannot afford healthy food anyway?

    • Appaloosa

      There does not seem to be a lot of statistics out there to show a correlation between sin taxes and reduced consumption.

      • NinjaKlaus

        It makes me think of the Danish fat tax that failed.

        While there is only limited evidence to suggest that the tax was significantly hurting Danes in the wallet, a number of Danes have been crossing the border to Germany (where prices are as much as 20 percent cheaper) or Sweden. Along with rescinding the fat tax, the ministry also said that it scrapping plans to introduce a sugar tax.

        Of course, they swore that they ended the tax because it was hurting businesses and the high prices were putting jobs at risk.

  • gottlieb

    I duno, junk food is already getting pretty expensive. $9 for a big mac meal, no thanks.

    • NinjaKlaus

      Just an FYI, at McDonald's they will put Mac Sauce on anything if you ask them, so order 2 McDoubles for 3.00 and add mac sauce to them, there's a 3 buck Big mac.

  • Maternitus (edited 1 year ago)

    I am feeling more and more depressed by the way politicians ruin my world with their incredible insights, knowledge and vast amounts of empathy. And in every western country it seems they opened up a few cans of mentally challenged folk to run the place. Yeah, the west is actually starting to become less worth living in and somehow, with the surge of shortsighted imbecils in many high places, it becomes a parody of itself.

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