• melanoleuca

    I like that this guide focuses on the utility of the recommended items. The only thing I would add is bandannas. I don't ever go out in the woods without at least two or three! You can use them as napkins or lay them down for a clean place to prepare food. You can use them to tie gear to your bag or wrap them around a walking stick to prevent blisters. You can use them as a head covering. You can soak them in water and drape them over your neck or wrists to stave off heat. In a pinch, they can double as bandages. Really, bandannas are a lightweight multipurpose tool!

    • GingerBreadMan

      Wow. Thanks for your input. I will be putting this on my item list for my next trip. I usually just go with a hat, but it seems like a combo of both a hat and bandanna (or 3) is the way to go.

      • melanoleuca (edited 7 years ago)

        You'll thank me on the hot day when it feels like your very face is melting, when you soak that bandanna in water and put it under your hat. :) Happy trails!