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Published 6 years ago by DesiDrifter395 with 7 Comments

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  • Jtub

    I'm really looking forward to how the kegs will work in lane. I can see them being an amazing zoning tool vs melee, but against ranged opponents, not sure how effective they will be. Booby trap bushes maybe! I wonder if they grant vison.

    • DesiDrifter395 (edited 6 years ago)

      I'm wondering if the barrels can be destroyed by his Q, which would be a very cool mechanic. Failing that though, I could see him also being played as a cheese support where the ADC can detonate the barrels from range. Could also have great synergy with Azir, who could detonate the barrels with his soldiers remotely.

      • chuyo

        But GP's barrels can be destroyed by ennemies too !! Seems weak against ranged champions.

      • Jtub

        Just watched a PBE video and saw what the new GP can do, the kegs look really scary! He can shoot them with his Q also!

        • OnlyEzreal

          Can he one shot them? I feel like if he takes more than one attack to destroy them it'll just open him up for harass from the enemy, and it will make it hard to harass with the barrels if it's super obviously telegraphed

          • Jtub

            I'm not too sure on that, I do know that the kegs lose health over time though (once every 2 seconds they lose a bit), from the video that I watched it did look as if he could one shot them, but he had a mid-late game build already.

            Also, one cool thing is that any minions killed by the kegs+Parlay give parlay gold, BANK!

  • DesiDrifter395

    For those who can't access the site at work and still want to see his changes:

    Passive: Trial by Fire

    Every several seconds, Gangplank’s next melee attack ignites the target, dealing bonus true damage over time and granting a brief burst of movement speed. Destroying a Powder Keg instantly refreshes Trial by Fire.

    Q: Parrrley

    Gangplank fires his pistol at his target, dealing damage and applying on-hit effects. If Parrrley kills a unit, the shot plunders bonus gold and refunds mana. For each Gold plundered, Gangplank gains a Silver Serpent that he can use at the shop to upgrade Cannon Barrage.

    W: Remove Scurvy

    Gangplank consumes a large quantity of citrus fruit, curing all disabling effects and healing him based on his missing health.

    E: Powder Keg

    Places a powder keg that can be attacked by Gangplank or his enemies. If Gangplank destroys a keg, it explodes in an AoE blast that slows and spreads the damage of the attack to all nearby enemies. Other casks within the zone will chain explode. If an enemy destroys the cask, it defuses the explosion and grants gold.

    R: Cannon Barrage

    Signals Gangplank’s ship to fire waves of cannonballs at an area. Each wave deals magic damage and slows enemies. Cannon Barrage can be upgraded up to three times.

    Death’s Daughter fires an initial mega-cannonball in the center of the area of effect. Raise Morale gives allies within the area of effect additional move speed. Fire at Will increases the rate of fire over the duration of Cannon Barrage.

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