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  • Snikt

    If you set up a website for the specific purpose of hosting many different communities you can't only allow content you "like". Aiming for too much homogeneity will limit your audience too people who think pretty much like yourself. Sure, you have to draw the line somewhere, but Reddit was popular because it allowed many, many very diverse/different/niche subreddits with very different cultures.

    • CrazyDiamond

      Yeah but that doesn't even really work for this format anyway since everything gets cross posted to the front page. You can't welcome hate because if a community like that migrates at a high enough rate, then snapzu would just become a hate website.

    • Swanee

      I think you can still have differing views so as not to be a echo chamber while trying to maintain a environment of civil discussion across the user base.

    • gabe2068

      But hate and trolling, is not part of a subculture or anything like that. It's just being a dick. There isn't really any reason to allow it. You can say whatever you want on here as long as you are not blatantly insulting someone else.

    • CrazyDiamond
      @gabe2068 -

      This is a really good point too. Just hating things and trolling is not a "point of view" or "idea". At least not one that needs to be respected and preserved.