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Published 8 years ago by CrazyDiamond with 9 Comments

Hilariously expensive juice at my local grocery store.

But hey, it's gluten free I guess.

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  • evade1

    Raw and organic! I especially like the super trendy label, with all lowercase letters aligned like that.

  • ProtoJazz

    Its overpriced for Juice. But reasonable priced for "cold pressed juice beverage"

  • theykilledkenni

    Who pays that much money for 16 oz of juice? It better have gold in it or something!

  • SoCalWingFan

    What I want to know is where the Cashew Vanilla juice went...

  • sea (edited 8 years ago)

    But it's gourmet! /s

  • elessards

    You have toxins in your body! Do you think your cold rolled juice will stop them!

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