• Nerdeiro

    you wouldn't be able to use it without that?

    Exactly. I wanted Win8.1 for my gaming rig because it has better handling of SSDs and dual monitors, but the start screen is a hassle I'm not willing to put up with, specially on a 27" non-touch display.

    I could tolerate it if it was possible to pin it to a specific monitor (my secondary is a smaller 24" that sits on the side) BUT have the applications open on the main display, but Windows 8 doesn't do that, applications open on the same display of the start screen, requiring them to be moved around.

    • gabe2068

      I've run windows 8 since release and 8.1 since release and I spend almost no time in those menus? I just don't understand how it is that big of a hassle. You literally click one button and you are on the desktop and don't have to worry about it at all.