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Published 9 years ago by BlueOracle with 4 Comments
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  • Laura

    I wish they would also do an all citrus pack, too. I really like the lemon and orange and lime candies!

    • BlueOracle

      I love citrus! I'm still annoyed that lime was replaced with green apple in the "original" flavor Skittles in the US. I loved eating all the citrus together, and it's just not the same without lime. Green apple doesn't go with the other flavors, IMHO.

  • the7egend

    It's basic psychology of colors. That's why you see so many restaurants using the color red, it increases your appetite and stimulates energy/liveliness/excitement. I kind of thought this would have been common knowledge in the Sweets industry, but apparently not.

  • TempusThales

    That's wrong, orange is objectionably the best.

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