• Autumnal

    Honestly, this is the last straw for me. It's just going off in a different direction than I'm comfortable with.

    • jackkazim

      You said it.

      Ellen Pao has taken reddit in a direction that I am not comfortable or okay with. First, there was the inconsistent banning of hateful subreddits. I understand that they were banned for harassing people, but there were a lot of other subreddits that were doing the same thing. R/shitredditsays comes to mind. Secondly, there was the firing of Victoria. She did all the AMAs, and she was fired without a forewarning. This also got in the way of several AMAs on the other subreddits that did AMAs. It's just moving in a direction I don't feel like is good.

      • Ralid

        Seeming as though now a large portion of the default subs have gone dark it's becoming a pretty bad place. There's just so much "Anti-Pao" stuff, and "Bring her back!" posts it's become something terrible at the moment.

        A large portion of the Reddit user base is now slowly becoming fueled by hatred. Even now the few subs that still interesting content to me are small niche subs, such as /r/woodworking, and /r/diy.

      • Neurobomber

        It's the auto-filter that did it for me. All posts on various subreddits that mention Victoria or FPH are being deleted automatically.