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Published 4 years ago with 3 Comments
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  • Triseult

    Speaking specifically of Kobe beef, I couldn't agree more. I had Kobe beef a few times in North America and it wasn't anything special. Then I had it in Japan at a Wagyu restaurant and... wow. It was incredible. The beef was of such high quality that any course could be eaten raw, although they always provided ways of cooking each of them in special ways. Really, really good. Very fatty, too (a lot of marbling) and the fat tasted closer to good tuna than beef.

    Turns out Kobe in the States is basically of Kobe cow stock mixed with other cows. It has nothing of the extra special care and diet that Japanese Wagyu producers put into their stocks in Japan. (And no, the idea that Kobe cows get massages is not true.) Furthermore, they sell "Kobe" despite the labeling being protected by Japan (like wines, for instance), and they do so against their wishes.

    So yeah. It's marketing, people. Pure marketing bullshit.

    • Gozzin

      It sounds wonderful..But yeah, I see how much more a meal costs if I buy it vs if I cook it myself and the difference is astounding.

    • racerxonclar

      TIL Kobe beef was trademarked and restricted to Japan. Honestly never knew that detail

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